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Singh working in IT company

Gender m
Height (cm) 180.0
Age 34
Marital Status never_married
Amrit yes
Location Punjab
Education Btech Computer Science( IIIT Hyderabad )

Working in a software company in hyderabad having HQ in U.S. Spiritual Goals : Currently doing basic nitnem , wish to extend over to Asa di Var , Sukhmani Sahib & eventually Panj Granthi. Family goals : Take care of parents & grandfather Along with raising my own family. Joint family background. Relation goals : based more on love & friendship , high cohesion &; less coupling. Help her achieve her goals ; be a best friend for life. Career Goals : Want to learn coding once again from scratch with design ; implementation. Extracurricular goals : Kirtan , Want to get sync in Tabla & learn more raags. Tech goals : learn photography , build another intel hackintosh , learn basic carpentry , build a sikhi app & assist dad at workshop Expectations : gursikh soul who can be sangat & soul mate.


2021-02-23 17:48:52