Mission Statement

The matrimonial pages of this site are meant for Gursikhs looking for friends or matrimonial partners. Gursikh here refers to a practicing Sikh as defined in the Sikh Rehat Maryada, issued by the Akal Takhat, the highest Sikh Authority.

Although no one is perfect, the people who place entries on this service will be, at a minimum, those who do not shorn their hair or take intoxicants or other drugs.

It will be understood by all those who use this service that if they do take such intoxicants, then they are willing to give them up before the Anand Karaj ceremony and be well on their way to becoming Amritdharis.

If they are not willing to adopt the Gursikh form then they should understand that they are not utilizing their time to the best as the people who list on this service want to meet Gursikhs. We encourage all Sikhs to unite and follow the Sikh Rehat Maryada, the way of the Guru or "Gurmat" and join the ranks of the Gursikh.

You may post listings on behalf of your sons and daughters, brothers and sisters and friends.

Please note that Sikhism does not recognize castes (jat, khatri, etc), and we will encourage all of our seekers to disregard caste as a factor in marriage. We also oppose the dowry system, and discrimination against those who may be divorced, in any form.

If you don't agree with any one or more of the above, please don't post your listing on this site. There are plenty of other sites for your use.

After someone has contacted you via email, it is up to you to provide detailed contact information.

Comments and Feedback

"I want to thank you for making a Gursikh website. I learned about the website at the NYC Sikh Day parade when I received a business card. When I get on other websites I often feel like 'an endangered species' since I am a turbaned Sikh and proud of it. Many young women want a 'non-turban Sikh' or 'clean shaven Sikh.' This [site] is a great alternative." - VSR

Gurufateh ji,

I am sending you my picture

I also want to thank you for making a Gursikh Matrimonial website. Today I was just searching on the web and found this and I am very happy and feeling more important now becuase when I get on other websites I often feel very uncomfortable since I am a turbaned Sikh and proud of it. Many young women want a 'non-turban Sikh' or 'clean shaven Sikh.' and this site is great and you guys are awesome.

Bale Bale...

I know exactly how you feel and what you mean and that is why we created this site. There is only one kind of Sikh, and that is the one who follows the command of the Guru. We are proud of you. - Gursikh

Note: Keep the feedback coming regarding your successes. Email gursikh@gurmat.com. So far we have received notice from 12 Gursikhs who have found their match through this website. Our sincere congratulations to them. We hope to feature pictures of marriages when available. :)