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Looking for Gursikh Girl

Gender m
Height (cm) 194.0
Age 28
Marital Status never_married
Amrit working_on_it
Location Ohio
Education Masters in Renewable and Clean Energy

I am a professional engineer working in the field of Renewable and Clean Energy for the past 3 years. I try to lead my life according to basic sikhi principles and strive to be humble, nonjudgmental and compassionate person. I believe in equality, seva, justice, honesty and having a meditative open mindset. I'm creative, thoughtful and genuine person who likes to keep a healthy diet and including exercise into my daily routine. I love travelling and exploring the world. I am looking for an Amritdhari girl or someone who is working towards it. I would like to have a kind, humble life partner who holds similar beliefs and holds similar interest as me. Thanks for visiting my profile, feel free to email any questions.


2021-02-15 01:29:58