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Good Sikh looking for nice person

Gender m
Height (cm) 182.88
Age 36
Marital Status never_married
Amrit yes
Location Calgary
Education Secondary High School

Thank you for checking out my page, here's a little bit about myself, this is my first time making a profile, I'm a very outgoing person. I like nature, I'm a huge animal lover, have always had dogs and cats in my life. Currently adopted one and fostering another at the moment. Animal rights is a subject I care about alot. I like naturewalks and being very environmentally concious. Have been vegan for 4 years now and absolutely loving it and been vegetarian before that. I love finding vegan food options. I love meditative practices, yoga and practicing mindful meditation and working out. I like to laugh, and joke around, and just having fun as much as possible, enjoying time with friends. I also like going on road trips, and enjoying sightseeing. Some of my favorite interests are, a wide variety of genre of movies video games, and novels. I love spending a good evening with a good movie or playing an awesome video game and reading with someone. I love alot of different kinds of music. Thank you for checking out my profile, feel free to message me! Fun Fact: Two dogs, one is named Pallas and the other Calysto. Favorite Hike Trail: Johnston's Canyon.


2020-11-29 03:58:10