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Sikh Doctor - UK citizens only - divorced no children

Gender m
Height (cm) 160.0
Age 29
Marital Status divorced
Amrit working_on_it
Location Sheffield
Education MD

My details age 29 height 5’5 UK citizen. Only looking for UK citizen I am Sikh with full faith in the Guru Granth Sahib ji and am looking for someone who shares the same views. I am not yet amritdhari but do inspire to be in the future. My parents are amritdhari and very much into Sikhi. I wear a turban and trim my beard. With Wahegurus kirpa I am a medical doctor. I enjoy music and doing kirtan and enjoy going to the gym and playing sports. I do not believe in the caste system as it is totally against our gurus teaching. For those who must know I am a bhatt singh. I am not looking for someone who follows other religions or believes in kundlis manglik horoscopes etc. I am DIVORCED and DO NOT HAVE KIDS. I am NOT looking for someone who has children. I have been divorced for about 6/7 years. Got married in india and the girl was very greedy and rude to my parents and had no value of sikhi at all. Marriage lasted a month and Waheguru di kirpa da naal got divorced. Looking for a kind, caring person, with a good sense of humour, respects her elder, family oriented. I will ALWAYS be living with my parents. Would be nice if they are happy working part time after marriage, as I do believe it is important for future kids to have their parents around when they are growing up so they have good values and principals. Look forward to hearing from you email on 278msingh@gmail.com


2018-10-18 21:48:01